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Delirium : types, symptoms, treatment, rehabilitation

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Delirium is a sudden change in the brain that causes mental confusion. and upset Affects thinking, memory, sleep, etc.

Delirium is seen during the cessation of alcohol. after surgery or dementia

Delirium is temporary and is treatable.

Types of delirium
Delirium symptoms are categorized according to cause, severity and characteristics as follows:
Delirium tremens, severe delirium from people trying to stop drinking alcohol. Usually they have been drinking alcohol for many years.
Hyperactive Delirium is more behavioral than usual. and not cooperating with others
Hypoactive Delirium This type of delirium is characterized by long periods of sleep and involuntary sleep and lack of regularity in daily activities.
Some patients experience delirium in combination with the Hyperactive delirium and the Hypoactive delirium, or alternate between the two.

Delirium has a psychological effect. muscle control and sleep
Difficulty meditating or feeling confused There may be slow motion or faster than usual including mood swings

Other symptoms may include:

thinking or speaking unclearly
insufficient sleep and feel sleepy
poor short term memory
loss of muscle control
Causes of delirium
The cause of delirium is an inflammatory disease. and infections such as pneumonia, which can interfere with brain function In addition, taking certain medications (such as antihypertensive drugs) or taking drugs that are wrong or not recommended by your doctor can interfere with chemicals in the brain.

abstinence from alcohol And poisoning can cause delirium.
When there is a shortness of breath due to asthma or other conditions The brain is not getting the oxygen it needs. any condition or factor that alters the functioning of the brain It can cause mental confusion.

Who is at risk of having delirium?
Neurological patients aged 65 and over are at higher risk of delirium.

Other individuals at risk for delirium:

patients undergoing surgery
people who are quitting alcohol
Patients whose brains have been damaged or impact
patients under pressure and intense tension
Factors that lead to delirium:

Certain medications (such as sedatives blood pressure medications, sleeping pills, and pain relievers)
poor nutrition
Infections such as urinary tract infections
Treatment of delirium
Depending on the cause of the delirium, treatment may be discontinued. In older people, a correct diagnosis is vital to treatment. Because delirium is similar to dementia. But the methods of treatment are very different.

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