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27 Stress Management Techniques

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27 Stress Management Techniques

Messagepar pippy » 22 Juil 2021 7:29

Stress is inevitable when stepping into a working society. In addition to making the mind and body worse. Many times it also affects performance. Many companies and agencies Therefore, they began to pay more attention to the health of their employees. Read the book 27 Stress Management Techniques.

Techniques to manage stress, time to stretch your chest and strengthen your mind.
in Japan Companies that focus on this It will recruit experts in industrial psychology and AMA to advise employees. Aiba Satoru is one of the renowned stress management experts. He has given advice to employees in private companies. and more than 50,000 government agencies. This experience led him to discover that “Mental strength” is a key factor that people use to control their stress levels. Does not affect health and work

27 ways to manage stress
Are you stressed? It's time to stretch. Raise your heart to be strong. Written by Aiba Satoru. Digest the knowledge of psychology and psychotherapy to be easy to read. presented in a step-by-step manner and summarize the key principles in an easy-to-remember diagram with a collection of stress management techniques There are 27 different methods for readers to choose the techniques that are most suitable for their lifestyle, personality and health problems, such as

Build a body that secretes anti-stress hormones correctly.
Smile and say positive words to yourself in the mirror.
intentionally cry to calm the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to work
Practice controlling the autonomic nervous system. heavy feeling and the temperature of the limbs To relieve stress and tense of the body and mind.
Create a 'self-space' that makes you feel comfortable. and enjoy working
Secrets of people who do a great job Even when faced with stress, that is “mental strength”!

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